About us 

Relieving Stress, Creating Order, Meal Preparation, and Cleaning – We Do It Best 

Welcome to Keep Calm Home Concierge, where our journey is rooted in a unique gift: the ability to help families and individuals stay calm, organized, healthy, and safe. For over 14 years, our founder, Lanna Fyffe, has dedicated herself to nurturing both children and adults and providing invaluable tools, tips, and resources to both families and individuals.

Lanna's journey began as a nanny in Europe, where she discovered her passion for creating peaceful, harmonious environments for families. This passion naturally evolved into a deep commitment to well-being. Her expertise extends beyond childcare. She has also worked as a residential counselor and houseparent in USA, where she provided care, support, and guidance to individuals who may require assistance with daily living skills, emotional support, and behavioral management. She often worked with populations such as at-risk youth and individuals with mental health challenges.

At Keep Calm Home Concierge, we believe in extending this gift to all our clients. We're here to simplify lives, reduce stress, and provide comprehensive services in home organization, meal preparation, and cleaning. Your family's tranquility, health, and happiness are at the heart of everything we do.

Join us on this transformative journey where calmness, organization, and well-being are not just ideals, but a reality. Schedule your complimentary 45-minute consultation today and experience the difference we bring to your home and life.