Let us help you live your Calm!

At Keep Calm Home Concierge we understand that time is our most precious commodity. Our goal is to assist our clients in maximizing this most precious gift, by relieving their housekeeping related stress.

My name is Lanna and I am the founder of Keep Calm Home Concierge. For more than 14 years, I have helped families and individuals in Switzerland, Ireland, and Atlanta, GA. I began my journey in Europe as a caregiver to beautiful and precious children. It was during this season in my life that I discovered I had a unique gift and passion to help children stay calm, organized, healthy, and safe. As a result of these services, families enjoyed stress-free living and peace of mind knowing that their children and homes were being stewarded with great love and care.

I also had an opportunity to serve as a houseparent in a residential care setting to more than 100 children for 8 years in Georgia. I primarily focused on providing a stable and caring home to children from various social economic, behavioral, and emotional backgrounds. I enjoyed providing for their educational, medical, emotional and social needs all while partnering with various stakeholders to bring healing and reconciliation. Beyond serving the needs of youth, I discovered I did so much more. Serving as a mentor and lead to new houseparents, I provided training, home organization consultation, and compliance readiness assessments. My colleagues and superiors often expressed to me their amazement that my home was always "CALM", peaceful, clean, and organized. Their amazement seemed to reinforce to me that I am uniquely gifted and passionate about helping people live their "CALM" and be their best. I am fortunate to help my clients experience improved and less frenzied lives.

I love and enjoy meeting the diverse needs of my clients. I strongly believe that we only own what we give, and it is with that thought in mind that I promise to provide superior care to my clients.

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